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Comprehensive range of specialised services for children, adolescents, families and organisations.

We offer assessments, counselling and therapy for individuals, siblings or family groups, school consultations, playground observations, early intervention, resources for parents and professionals, mediation and play therapy. When working with families, we draw on best practices and evidence-based approaches.

This involves obtaining information from parents or carers, the young person and referring sources in order to establish clear goals for our intervention. Our team works closely with local schools, hospitals, and organisations, with the majority of our services provided from our modern, welcoming space in Norwest, Baulkham Hills.

Mindworx Psychology also provides off-site consultations and treatment by prior arrangement - this includes school observations, meetings with school teachers and learning support teams, or tailored workhops and presentations for children, parents and organisations.

Solutions and strategies

Whatever is going on with your child, at Mindworx Psychology and Counselling we want to help you find the solutions and strategies to help your child. We can help with the assessment and treatment of childhood anxiety disorders, with disorders of attention such as ADHD or ADD, with low mood or low self-esteem, depression in teenagers, toddler tantrums, sleep problems, oppositional behaviours and lots more. 

Seeing a Clinical Psychologist

Our clients include those who book in privately for a professional opinion and treatment, as well as those referred by a GP, Paediatrician or school for assessment or treatment. Medicare rebates are available for those referred by a GP/Paediatrician, and private health fund rebates may also apply.

We know it can be a worrying time if you have concerns about your child's behaviour, their emotional state, or worries about whether they have strategies in place to cope with difficult situations, therefore we aim to book your assessment in with us as soon as possible.

Young children, infants & pre-schoolers 

 Parents seek help for a wide range of issues, which may include:Child Therapy and Counselling

  • Developing a 'secure attachment' with a child
  • Toilet training guidance 
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Sleeping issues
  • Education regarding child's development (i.e. emotional, behaviour etc.)
  • Education and training regarding dealing with challenging young children and toddlers
  • Assistance in behavioural management
  • Developing routines and discipline 
  • Screening parent's mental health (i.e. depression, anxiety) and providing support
  • Regulation of emotions (frustration, anger, anxiety) and managing tantrums.

Children & Adolescents

Mindworx Psychology works with children and adolescents with a number of issues, which may include: 

  • Social skills (e.g. play skills, conversational skills, dealing with conflict)Adolescent Psychology and Counselling
  • Emotional regulation (e.g. managing anger)
  • Anxiety management (i.e. teaching ways to think more positively)
  • Dealing with OCD (obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours)
  • Sleeping issues or bed wetting
  • Dealing with bullying or teasing
  • Assertiveness and building confidence
  • Friendship management
  • Fears and worries (e.g., phobias, social anxiety, separation anxiety, panic disorder)
  • Child and adolescent depression
  • Suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviours
  • Behavioural problems (e.g., hyperactivity and attention difficulties, tantrums, oppositional behaviours)
  • Eating disorders or unhealthy eating patterns
  • Anger and aggressive behaviours
  • Dealing grief and loss
  • School refusal
  • Adjustment issues (e.g., coping with major life events such as separation and divorce, adjusting to parent re-partnering and step-families, or coping with a chronic or terminal illness)

Parents & families

Other areas that we may help with include:Child psychological assessment

  • Sibling Rivalry 
  • Depression in teenagers
  • Parenting concerns
  • Parent- child/ adolescent relationships
  • Coping with changes in family dynamics
  • Coping with loss or trauma
  • Parent skills training
  • Post-natal depression


No two people experience difficulty in the same way.

A clinical child assessment entails a comprehensive overview of your child or adolescent's history, and the current difficulties they face.


Family therapy and counselling

Assessment typically includes a clinical interview with the parent(s), the child, and if helpful (and with parental permission), may include a teacher interview, or preschool/school visit.  It will also include the use of questionnaires and standardised screening measures.

In certain cases, a clinical assessment may also include the administration of standardised testing to determine a child's developmental, cognitive, learning, emotional and social presentation when compared to peers.

At Mindworx Psychology, we work closely with your child's GP, paediatrician and any other health professionals involved in your child's care, and we collaborate closely with parents to ensure we understand your issues, and those of your child.

We will be able to discuss with you during the initial clinical interview what assessments may assist in treatment planning for your child.