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Mindworx Psychology offers a range of evidence based group programs for adults, adolescents and children.

For adults, we offer a number of workshops, groups and courses designed to help with problems such as binge eating, chronic pain, anxiety, stress and low mood. In addition, we offer the leading parenting skills programs to manage tantrums and problem behaviours in pre-schoolers, school aged children and adolescents, including the well-known 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching, and courses to help parents manage their child's anxiety.

For children and adolescents, our programs include "Cool Kids", a world-leading intervention for child and and adolescent anxiety, and "Changing Paths", a group teaching adolescents the skills to manage low mood, anger and anxiety

We also offer courses to improve children's social skills and a number of groups and workshops for tweens and teenagers, designed to help navigate issues such as peer pressure, bullying, academic expectations and changing bodies.

Mindworx Psychology Groups


We recognise that many of our clients do not have a mental health disorder and are looking to get to great!

The change your life workshops are a series of workshops developed by the Mindworx Psychology Performance Coaching team. Designed to change lives, our workshops tap into the issues most commonly faced by our clients.

 Drawn from a wide range of research across clinical, coaching, organisational and positive psychology, encompassing an eclectic and wide range of therapies and tied together by our experiences in knowing what works, these workshops are designed to empower.

Ready to change your life? Tired of being stuck in the same patterns? Looking for some practical skills to help with emotional regulation, reducing anxiety, managing eating habits, improving relationships or managing stress? Our workshops were written for you. 

Workshops and Groups For Children & Adolescents
Cool Kids Program for Anxiety

As a treatment for childhood anxiety, this course is 10 weeks long, and offers a structured, skills-based program that teaches children and their parents how to better manage and reduce child anxiety.

Changing Paths

This 6-week program is a Clinical Psychology intervention, and teaches adolescents skills to manage low mood, anger and anxiety.

Social skills for children 

This is a 6 weekly, structured, skills-based program that teaches children and their parents how to increase the child's social skills, and improve emotional regulation.

Workshops and Groups for Adults

Mindfulness for Stress - Change your life workshop series

Part of the Change Your Life workshops, this popular 4 week mindfulness training group class for adults is aimed at reducing stress and anxiety by teaching easy, practical and useful mindfulness strategies.

Mindful Eating for Beginners - Change your life workshop series

A very large proportion of our female client binge eat occasionally. Learn why, and learn skills to change your relationship with food with Dr Carmel Harrison, an award winning author and researcher in the field of binge eating disorders.

Parenting Courses 

Parenting an Anxious Child - Change your life workshop series (register your interest now)

Learn about anxiety, what maintains it, and take home effective strategies to help your anxious child in this 2 hour workshop.

Positive Parenting - Change your life workshop series (register your interest now)

Avoid common parenting mistakes, and learn practical skills to set boundaries, teach values and enhance your relationships.

Engaging Adolescents

The Engaging Adolescents™ program is a 3-week course that helps parents of 13-18 year-olds to develop greater confidence in parenting their adolescents.

1-2-3 Magic & Emotional Regulation

Using contemporary thinking in child development,  with an emphasis on the differences between adult and children’s cognitive abilities, this course will help you identify the common mistakes of parenting, and give you the tools to use a flexible and mindful approach based on your family values. 

This 3 session course teaches parents a modern, easy-to-learn system to manage children’s behaviour.

Individual Performance Coaching

One-session decision coaching

Struggling to get clear on your next step? Sometimes there is no need to start ‘seeing a counsellor’. Sometimes all we need is to make a decision NOW (or very soon).

A one hour decision coaching session using the evidence based methods of coaching psychology will help you to clarify:

  • the reality of your situation
  • the fears that are blocking clear thinking
  • your options
  • the path that feels right and makes sense

Our clients often book a one-off session to help clarify issues such as:

  • Should I stay in my job?
  • Is my relationship worth working on?
  • How can I change a behaviour that is causing me problems?

Using small steps, realistic thinking and evidence based strategies, coaching psychology addresses unconscious blocks to what you want in your life – both the big and bold changes, and the small but significant. Our coaches are also Clinical Psychologists, trained in evidence based and validated strategies that we know work.

Coaching Psychology is for those who do not need psychological therapy. If it turns out that that anxiety, low mood or a mental health issue significantly contributes to your issues, we won't need to refer you on - we are specialists in mental health. As regulated professionals our services are frequently rebatable from medicare and health funds, depending on your presenting issues.

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