Switch Off Stress with Mindfulness

Mindfulness for stress groups and workshops for adolescents and adults

Mindfulness Training – Slow down – Start living in the present moment – Find an inner calm

A popular 4 week group course for adults aimed at reducing stress and anxiety. Today’s world can be challenging, fast paced and involve juggling priorities and multi-tasking. It’s no surprise that many people are seeking help for stress, help for anxiety and help to improve their mood.

Mindfulness skills and strategies can help in managing stress, eating disorders, anxiety and mood. Curiously, many clients report that learning mindfulness not only reduces their level of stress, but helps improve their focus and ability to get things done – or accept their limitations more easily. Sounds like a win win!!

Through mindfulness training we can learn how to bring acceptance and curiosity to all of our experiences – sensations, thoughts, emotions and actions, and the situation we are in.

This way of seeing can free us up to respond with more clarity and wisdom, rather than acting out of habitual patterns.

This offers the possibility of working more wisely and more compassionately with our struggles and problems and may provide opportunities to choose the most helpful option for ourselves and others.

This course will introduce you to the philosophies, techniques and strategies used by many successful people who have incorporated mindfulness into their daily lives. Whether you have already tried a little mindfulness and want to increase your understanding and knowledge, or whether you are just curious about whether it may be of benefit for you, come along and learn.

Research suggests that mindfulness training may lead to :

  • Decreases in physical and psychological symptoms

  • An increased ability to relax

  • Reductions in pain levels and an enhanced ability to cope with pain that may not go away

  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life

  • Improved self-esteem

  • The ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations

The Miracle of Mindfulness

In the book with this title, Thich Nat Hanh raises the question

“Where are we to find the time to practice such mindfulness, how will there ever be enough time…?”

It is a great question, and probably the one we kept in mind as we designed this course. Mindfulness training has a number of benefits which may include learning new skills to cope with stressful situations, learning new ways to relax and perhaps learning a new or helpfulway of looking at old problems.


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“I really liked learning how to switch off from my worry thoughts”

“Interesting, practical and well presented”

“I’ve already noticed changes in my sleep from the first session”

“Yes, I have stopped screaming. I just wanted to say thank you for this course – wish I had found it sooner!”

“Thank you for this course. It feels like my husband and I are on the same page now. We are finally enjoying family time.”

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