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Kickstart change with a workshop

Tired of being stuck in the same patterns? Looking for some practical skills? Perhaps a workshop or group program is just the kick start you need.

Welcome to our workshops and group sessions. From our individual work with clients, we found that they were often wishing for a road map  through the labyrinth of stress, ADHD, or parenting.  Drawing from what we know works, we designed a range of informative and practical mental health workshops and parenting workshops, with exactly that purpose in mind. Hosted at our beautiful lakeside practice in Norwest Sydney, each workshop serves as a launchpad for understanding, managing, and transforming life’s challenges.

Workshops at Mindworx Psychology are carefully crafted, designed to jump-start your journey to self-understanding. They provide a fast-paced, enriching environment where knowledge and insight is built. Psycho-educational workshops are an opportunity to collaborate with others, fostering a sense of shared growth and discovery, and tend to leave participants motivated, with a new set of strategies and deeper knowledge ready to apply in their own time.

Our workshops include:

Think Differently – An Introduction to Adult ADHD

Think Differently – An Introduction to Adult ADHD with Dr. Amanda Mullin: ADHD isn’t just a label; it’s a unique way of experiencing the world. This workshop aims to dismantle common misconceptions about adult ADHD and provide you with practical strategies to harness your strengths and thrive with ADHD. Ready to think differently? Enquire now/Register your interest for Think Differently Workshops

Help Your Anxious Child (parent/carer workshop)

Help Your Anxious Child aged 2-12, a Parent/Carer workshop: Is your child’s anxiety leaving you feeling helpless and worried? Are you working with one of our team already, but want to dive deeper into the parent strategies that work? Or are you waitlisted for support and not sure where to start? Our workshop aims to empower parents and carers of children with effective tools and strategies to support your anxious child. Gain insights into their emotional world, learn to validate their feelings, discover the well-meaning mistakes parents make that tend to make anxiety stick around, and discover practical strategies to foster resilience and courage. In just 4 hours, find out all about anxiety, how to help, and build an anxiety toolbox. Enquire Now/Register your interest in Help Your Anxious Child Workshops

Parenting an ADHD’er (parent/carer workshop)

Parenting an ADHD’er, a parent/carer workshop: Carefully designed for parents and carers working with children aged 4-17 years. Parenting a child with ADHD can often feel like navigating uncharted waters. In this workshop, we provide a compass to guide you through. Understand the unique challenges and strengths of your child, learn effective communication techniques, and discover how to create a supportive, structured environment that allows your child to flourish. Let’s journey together. Enquire Now/Register Your Interest in Parenting an ADHD’er Workshops

Our workshops are more than just a learning opportunity. They’re a chance to connect with others who share similar experiences and to become part of a supportive community.

And above all, our mental health workshops and parenting workshops are about empowering you to make positive changes in your life and the lives of those you care about.

Ready for change? Join us.


Online Groups, and In-Rooms Group Therapy sessions for teens and adults

Our group therapy sessions invite you to dive deeper into the experience of learning, offering a more gradual pace and an increased level of therapeutic support from our Psychology team. We run both online groups, and groups held onsite in our rooms, at in our spacious, friendly lakeside private practice.

While workshops offer a fantastic kickstart to learning, certain topics such as stress, anxiety, and depression treatments require a more sustained, in-depth approach. These subjects are often layered and complex, involving a journey of self-discovery that unfolds over time. This is where our group therapy sessions truly shine. Group therapy provides a safe, nurturing space to delve deeper into these subjects over several sessions. It allows for ongoing support and gradual personal development, all while fostering a sense of connection and shared understanding. With time to explore and apply new strategies each week, group therapy participants can experience meaningful progress in their mental health journey

Typically taking place weekly across eight sessions, our groups at Mindworx Psychology are designed to provide a safe space to explore your mental health challenges, and test the application of new skills week by week. Our therapy groups provide a rare opportunity to establish connections with others who understand your struggles, affirming that, while each person’s journey is unique, we are never alone in our experience.

Our team will tell you that participants often require great courage to join our groups. A courage to be vulnerable and commit to showing that to others. And, that there is a special power in group work. For that reason, we rarely have participants who regret joining. Most find group work both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Our group work includes:

Mind your Mind (teens)

Mind Your Mind: A DBT Approach to Interpersonal Growth for Teens with Autism. This incredible course is a specially designed 10-session group therapy for teenagers with autism. We’ve drawn from the transformative power of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) with an emphasis on Interpersonal Effectiveness, all in a supportive, understanding environment.

In Mind Your Mind, teens don’t just learn – they grow, explore, and challenge themselves – together. This group provides a safe space where teens can better understand their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours while improving their social interactions. Using DBT, we provide practical, hands-on tools to enhance communication, manage emotional responses, and foster healthier relationships.

Every teen is unique, with their own strengths, challenges, and personality. Here, those individual differences are celebrated, even as we come together to share and learn. In Mind Your Mind, teens are not just part of a group – they are part of a community.   Register/Enquire here for next round

Mindfulness For Stress

Mindfulness for Stress: Ready for a little serenity in the chaos? Join us for a journey into mindfulness. Together, we’ll explore practical techniques to manage stress, embrace the present moment, and bring balance back into your life. Embrace tranquility, one breath at a time. Our groups are run for teens and adults separately. Teens may join their parent/carer group at the discretion of the facilitator. Register/Enquire here for next round

Ready for change? Join us.


Welcome to Mindworx Online and our online courses for mental health.

We are so proud of our innovative courses, that draw from our deep knowledge of mental health in the practice, and offer a way to reach individuals and families across Australia seeking mental health support.

Mindworx Online and our online programs began as an addition to our face-to-face treatments. They soon blossomed into a thriving hub of learning and healing, even before the global pandemic nudged us further into the digital world.

Initially, our Director, Dr Amanda Mullin devised these online courses as a solution to extensive waitlists and to meet the growing demand from individuals far beyond our local vicinity. Our aim was to empower our community with invaluable insights and resources, allowing them to digest crucial information at their own pace – a considerable upgrade from squeezing in a brief chat with a Psychologist at the end of a child’s session, and a way for people to get all the knowledge or psycho-education they needed – without having to pay for one-on-one therapy sessions.

As we journeyed further into this digital venture, beautiful feedback began to flow in. It was more than just words of gratitude; it was tales of transformation. We were thrilled to discover that our course participants were experiencing profound changes, and this was happening outside the traditional, in-person therapy sessions.  Educational courses were delivering change, and we could not have been more excited about reaching and helping more people.

Suddenly, our online courses shifted from a ‘nice-to-have’ addition to a potential game-changer. They have morphed into a platform that, whilst educational rather than treatment oriented, can instigate significant positive shifts in one’s mental health journey.

We are excited and optimistic about the difference these courses can make in your life. They are designed to be accessible, user-friendly, and packed with simple, practical steps for you to apply in your everyday life.

We know you’re ready to embrace change, and we can’t wait to guide you on this journey of transformation.

Our online courses include:

Adult ADHD: Think Differently – a 12 month program

By popular demand, a huge extension to the Think Differently program, with 12 months of content to inspire, educate and help you transform the way you think about ADHD.  Take a deep dive into you – join us for Dr Amanda’s new program, THINK DIFFERENTLY, as it  launches online.

Mindfulness For Stress

Our most popular group, transforming into an online course – register your interest here.

Help Your Anxious Child – a 6 week, online, self-paced course

There is more research emerging that tells us how significant a difference specific skills make to parents – and their anxious children.  If you can’t make it to one of our workshops or our waitlist is too long, we know from feedback that this online educational program can help families achieve their goals.

If you are ready for change, then there is nothing like getting started with good, solid information and practical, easy to implement steps.

Our online course includes a dedicated Facebook Group, where Dr Amanda Mullin and our Psychologists will be popping in and out to answer your questions and support you in taking the course.

Parenting an ADHD’er – an 8-week, online, self-paced course

Learn all about ADHD, the different ways in which you can help your child, and practical strategies to manage inattention, impulsivity, big emotions  and hyperactive behaviours. Learn:

? How to identify triggers

? Know when your child is most likely to have an outburst.

? Ways to shape the environment so your child can flourish

? How to encourage and teach appropriate behaviour

? How to teach your child to better control their big emotions and get their needs met

? How to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the ADHD neurotype

? All about executive functioning and how to support it

? Why your child might be especially sensitive to rejection

? Ways to manage oppositional and difficult behaviours

Our online course includes a dedicated Facebook Group, where Dr Amanda Mullin and our Psychologists will be popping in and out to answer your questions and support you in taking the course.

Join us Online – Mindworx Online Courses.

Workshops and Online Groups

Help Your Anxious Child
aged 2-12 years – Parent Course

Strategies for working with ADHD
Online course for Parents and Carers


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