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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ready for Change? Our Workshops were written for you.

2018 sees the launch of some new workshops, as well as new dates for some of our popular groups and courses.

Learn Mindfulness in our friendly, relaxed groups – no funny noises, no yoga poses, just a hands on, practical session with Dr Amanda teaching the most effective techniques to manage challenging thoughts and feelings.

Change is difficult. Learn strategies to parent a child with anxiety, or join our empowering self development groups for adolescents and children as we teach them how to unleash their inner strength, and channel their energy at school and home to reach their goals.

Find out more about our one off workshops series focused on personal growth, emotional intelligence, building clarity and finding calm.

Ask us about how to stop yelling… groups for Parents are always popular – including our regular 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching for parents of children aged 3-11, or our Engaging Adolescents Course, a huge hit with parents in 2017 looking to distress and learn some effective strategies to replace those sticker charts and timeouts.

Wondering if a group is for you? Attending a group is an excellent way to meet our Psychologists without committing to individual therapy. We tend to have a mix of mums, dads, executives – people from all walks of life who are interested in learning new skills in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere.

What do you have to lose? And what do you have to gain? Participants from our groups left comments including “life changing”, “wish I’d learned this years ago” and “not what I expected, but in a good way”. It’s always nerve wracking doing something new. Change is challenging. But we know that if you keep on doing the same old thing, then you’ll keep on getting the same old results.

If what you are doing now isn’t getting you the results you want, perhaps it’s time to try something new.





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Dr Amanda Mullin, Founder of Mindworx Psychology & Doctor of Clinical Psychology

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